International Prize Denim Brand Sponsor Prize

  • The Real Basic material, sewing, through, accessories, we make things by thoroughly pursued.
  • I would like to say thank you for including me in the commotion, I am so happy to be part of it and one of the winners :)) That is an amazing news !!!
  • Some figure that dressed in denim as the skin I was allowed very cool chosen! (from Murahashi)
  • Use things, wear things, eat things, space, environment... We live in favorite everyday. Once upon a time and even now. GOOD LIFE with Bobson
  • I'm so happy to winning this photo contest. I'm so thankful and very grateful to denim fashion photo contest. I love denim and also wearing denim everyday. Wearing denim is so comfortable and make me so confidence. Thank you denim fashion photo contest to choose me as a winner.
  • I was attracted to your appearance to enjoy the fashion and your expressive power! (from Matsuura)
  • Really suprised :) anyway, thanks ! I wish there's international contest again next time
  • Your so cute smile like a flower is the Earth's treasure!!! (from Matsuura)
  • Jeans making is Fabric making. We propose a variety of jeans as a material manufacturer.
  • Terimakasih banyak buat Tim dan anggota Denim Fashion,Sukses selalu buat Tim dan anggota Denim Fashion.
  • Thank you for your activities. The opportunity for those who love to wear jeans with a memorable space to bell the cat's butt. And can round ass of many people is an art. Unbelievably Thanks so much I like this.
  • I am happy to meet a lot of denim fashion around the world. (from Kishimoto)
  • We stick to the whole process of fabric and dyed and sewing, we make products that seeping love enough to continue to wear.
  • The reason for selection of his fashion, because figure that elegantly dressed denim pants of orthodox 5 pocket was very nice., and we believe he can wear very well our product. (from Tabuchi)
  • Yarn, fabric, silhouette, detail, TENRYO DENIM of jeans is a product that has the insistence on high quality in the production process.
  • I would like to say thank you for including me in the commotion, I am so happy to be part of it and one of the winners :)) That is an amazing news !!! Happy Tom ;) I'm looking forward to see my super cool denim prize ;) Many thanks Tom
  • Please try and enjoy the fashion using the prize of denim cap. (from Hamamoto)
  • Original denim brand "Win & Sons" was born from Okayama factory. Denim is produced from its reliable technology and craftsmanship attitude.
  • Dress of his jacket and jeans are great!! Feeling accustomed to wear, there is a presence. Please extremely this coordination in the future! Thank you. (from Ishikawa)

Domestic Prize

  • Indonesia
  • Jeans or denim is a phenomenon in the fashion world who continue to survive and continue to be used until now as modern century. Denim trousers were first made in the 1560s in Genoa, Italy, for the purposes of the navy because of the material that may be used in wet and dry. Material called denim jeans and derived from the French language, bleu de genes, or blue pants from Genoa. Among the many brands of jeans today, Lois Jeans is one of the best. Was first created in the 60s by Saez Merino brothers from Spain. Lois Jeans products not only jeans but also other garments made of denim. Products of Lois Jeans is very popular in Spain.
  • Thank you for Denim Fashion Photo Contest! It was my honor to be choosen by denim brand as one of the winner! Keep it up and support local denim!

    He feels denim is like his soul...with simple expression, but touchable (from Sasa Salim)
  • Terima kasih sudah memilih foto saya sebagai salah satu pemenang. Saya suka memakai denim untuk pakaian sehari-hari karna nyaman dipakai dan bisa untuk acara apapun.

    Nice mix n match between denim and her apparel (from Sasa Salim)
  • Fuckindnm & co is a new brand was born in summer 2012 with vintage oldscholl concept , we are trying to present a new idea in the clothing industry. Fuckingdnm & co its not just business but dedication to a bright future.Fuck in our opinion not a rant or slob but stands Future Us & Create Kingdom
  • Awalnya iseng-iseng, tetapi ternyata jadi salah satu pemenangnya. Sukses terus untuk Nusaresearch dan team, semoga kedepannya akan ada lagi acara seperti ini

    Kami merasa bahwa dalam foto tersebut memiliki perpaduan yang sangat bagus, antara pemakaian hijab dan juga denim (from Indra)
  • Saya sangat senang sekali mjd bagian dari nusaresearch krn banyak sekali hadiah yg saya dapat. Dan saya tdk menyangka bs mjd pemenag jg dlm kontes denim foto juga. barokallah…

    Dia sangat cantik dalam menggunakan denim. (from Indra)
  • Wow double lucky! Terima kasih untuk sponsor brand yang sudah memilih saya 2 kali untuk menjadi pemenang.

    Tetap terlihat keren meskipun dengan ekspresi yang sederhana (from Indra)
  • Jujur kaget, senang dan apalagi tadi baru pulang sekolah abis Try out. Info ini kayak mood booster

    Dia ingin menunjukkan betapa bagusnya denim dari berbagai sisi (from Indra)
  • Denim Fashion Photo Contest is the best! Saya tidak menyesal mengikuti acara ini.

    Like a model in the magazine, very good (from Indra)
  • “Akaime” roughly translates to “red eyes,” which symbolizes the “brave, unique identity of the company.” Akaime is an Indonesian denim company and sources its denim from Okayama, Japan. The jeans are stitched on Union Special, Reece, Durkopp and Kansai Special sewing machines.
  • I'm very suprised, very proud and appreciated because I know how hard it is to win here.

    He really shows his sexy back with denim (from Riandi)
  • Very good and creative event. I'm happy to be part of this event

    She can cover herself with denim which people can not realize that she is a woman. And she feels comfortable with it. (from Arif)
  • OursDenim is Indonesia local brand which carries the elegant and simple design concepts and different. Our desire to introduce denim with different concepts and also our desire to penetrate the international market. With establishment of the OursDenim this is the first step for our goal starting from Yogyakarta and team is behind the name OursDenim we believe capable of competing with competent enough for you to have a referance that the priority for the quality and comfort od consumers is the starting point for good relations between us and the consumer.
  • Good event! Kalau bisa lebih tematik lagi, tahun depan saya berharap akan ada lagi event denim kontes ini.

    His look is very cool (from Andress)
  • Thank you for choose me as the Winner. its a pleasure to share the experience when using a Denim. Good luck Denim Fashion photo contest team.

    He feels like denim is a perfect match in any situation, even in a mountain. He looks so cool, applying the denim with the beautiful scene (from Andress)
  • Speechless! Tidak menyangka jadi pemenang. Terima kasih telah memilih saya.

    Even simple thing can be perfect if we're wearing denim (from Andress)
  • Menarik. Event seperti ini harus dipertahankan dan ditingkatkan publikasinya. Karena peminat denim di Asia Tenggara khususnya di Indonesia sangat banyak.

    They really know how to explore the beautiful of the denim itself (from Andress)
  • Setiap orang pasti suka memakai jeans, dan ini adalah salah satu event kontes yang paling bagus
  • I'm very suprised, very proud and appreciated because I know how hard it is to win here.
  • Thank you Nusaresearch and all team. telah memilih saya
  • Vietnam
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  • Vietnam
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