Denim Fashion Photo Contest is held online every year for 2 months from October 26 up to December 26.
October 26 are National Denim Day in Japan.

Previously this contest had only been carried out in Japan until and decide we decided to held in the world where fashion uniqueness has increased significantly. So, let's enjoy the contest!

Let's post the photos of your denim fashion that you are proud of, then vote and share!

You will have a chance to become winner and you the Denim products from Sponsor and earn Vinaresearch points.

Let's post online your photos using your favorite denim item.

Any of your age, both boys and girls, wear any denim brand OK! Send as many photos without any limitations!

Let's apply and share your photos to your friends.
Vote and share.

Total Vote and Share the most influential in determining the winner. Come share your pictures to friends and invite them to give a vote!

The winners will be awarded denim products from sponsor and you can get lots of points.

The winner will not only be decide by the number of votes and share but also selected by the judging of sponsorship as the end result.

Event period (Apply and vote)


Apply from Denim Fashion Photo Contest Official site

Apply via Email

People of Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand

If you've registered to the partner site of your country,
You get points from the site when you've won a prize. Let's registered applicants before!

Screening and  Sending Prizes

The winner will not only be determined by the number of vote and share but also be chosen by the sponsor as the final result.

Our sponsor will send the prize to winners directly.
We will announce the winners in this website on February 2015.

Sponsor brand


Sponsor WANTED

We are looking for sponsors from Southeast Asian countries who are able to support this contest. The targets are Denim fashion Brands, Media company, PR Company, Talent production Company (Model, Actor, Singer), Photographer, Blogger, Denim shops and other corporations of Southeast Asia in general. If you are interested in this contest, please contact us.
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